Wonderful Shungite


Protect and keep your energy system healthy

What can shungite do for you?

  • Fill your room with relaxing energetic astral waves also known as life force energy.
  • Protect you from electromagnetic radiation – EMFs.
  • Balance and align your chakra system.
  • Balance your root chakra – good for anyone ungrounded.
  • Meditation tool – we include meditations for health and healing with every order.

the super stone

What is shungite?

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Shungite Disks

How to use shungite disks

You can charge all kinds of things with shungite disks. We personally have a few of them scattered around our homes. One in the kitchen, one by nightstand to charge water at night or even to put the phone on it to protect from EMFs. Our desks have several, one to clear crystals and the other one for my tea and water.

The pattern of the Flower of Life engraved on our shungite has special measurements. It is an energetic geometry, a solar sacred geometry. When geometry is connected to the sun and earth, incredible things occur and that are essential for building sacred sites. This is an entire other story though. What makes our Flower of Life shungite disks special is that the measurements in the geometry create a violet vortex of energy at the center of the shungite disk. This vortex is healing and opens all seven chakras, especially the crown chakra.