The Amazing benefits of Dr. Sergey Certified Shungite

  • Helps to restore cells and organs during sleep.
  • Helps to restores energy of DNA, telomeres and telomerases.
  • Helps to balance and clean your aura and chakras.
  • Helps to protect against  Covid-19.
  • Relaxing energetic waves fill your room.
  • Purifies and charges water and food.
  • Helps to balance emotions.
  • Helps to improve your health.
  • Helps protect against the adverse effects of cell phones, WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G.
Our Guarantee

You will receive shungite of the highest quality, personally tested and cleaned of all negative energies.  Many times, shungite and other crystals contain negative energies because they have been mined with explosives. Energetically cleaning them ensures the quality and power of the energetic waves emitted by the shungite to its environment.

Our shungite is also energetically charged with life-enhancing and protective energies personally by Dr. Sergey Pesnya with his special method.

Additionally, all of our shungite pyramids are personally aligned to
magnetic north by Dr. Sergey. They are marked with golden dots,
providing an easy guide for the alignment of your pyramids to achieve
the most power from your pyramid.

All of our shungite comes directly from the Zazhoginskaya mine in Karelia, Russia.

"My 4cm Shungite pyramid is my secret gold, I feel it shifting my DNA, my molecules and reorganizing my cellular structures. I feel more protected from EMFs and clearer in my head space.  I work long hours on the computer, studying computer animation which takes a lot of concentration.

The energetic work that Sergey has coded into the pyramid is a very pleasant, protective, and kind of a fatherly energy. I feel that Sergey holds the space for people to receive what they need from the shungite. It will be a unique experience for each person."

Ayla Angelo
Professional Massage Therapist and Computer Animator
“As a graphic designer I have to be at the computer for long periods of time, I have other things, that I thought were EMF protectors and they seemed to help a little. But when I received my pyramid from Energetic Geometry, and aligned it to the north, like they suggested, I could immediately feel the shift in energy.

Now, I feel less tired and have more focused energy to work. I can even work longer and even feel energized. For me, EMFs wear at my energy levels and I compare it to walking into a strong wind, and the longer you walk against it the more it tires you. But this pyramid, I feel deep relief in my body and am able to keep my energy up for much longer.”

Cat Dailey
Graphic Artist
About Dr. Sergey


  • Dr. Sergey graduated from Yaroslavl State Medical Academy as a medical doctor specializing in therapy and psychology.
  • He mastered different specialized trainings in Oriental Medicine, Sudzh, acupuncture, energy therapy, and healing.
  • He studied with the most famous Russian energy healer and astrologist Juna and learned Su-jok therapy from Oriental medicine professor Park Jae-Woo.

Dr. Sergey has over 40 years of experience as a medical doctor, psychologist, and energy healer. Working behind-the-scenes magic for our shungite, Dr. Sergey personally energetically cleans the shungite, then amplifies the healing astral waves resulting in higher quality, more protective energy and better healing energies.
Dr. Sergey works in Russia and California teaching business seminars about healing energy flows, interpersonal relationships, longevity and recovery as well as organizing spiritual practices and tours to historical places of healing power in Russia.