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Our Guarantee

Our shungite comes from the Zazhoginskaya mine in Karelia Russia. All our shungite products are energetically tested and cleaned and prepared for work by Russian energy healer and medical doctor, Dr. Sergey Pesnya. This ensures the quality and power of its energetic healing waves. Our product is not energetically raw material. It does not contain bad energies as is often the case when shungite is mined with explosives. Our shungite products are complete, finished energetic instruments and prepared for ideal energetic healing and spiritual practices.

The pyramids are additionally marked by 2 dots on their base for easy positioning to magnetic north, which increases their positive energy waves. Included are easy-to-follow instructions to amp up their power as well as a few ways to benefit by meditating with them.

How to align your shungite pyramid to magnetic north.

DISCLAIMER: The metaphysical and healing properties are for inspiration, exploration, and reference. These properties are in no way meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.